Supply Chain Strategy & Logistics Blueprint Design

We believe this is key to design and manage the network between your organization and your suppliers for maximizing value across all stages of the delivery cycle.

Together we build a roadmap to help you get your products to customers with as little friction as possible. A full understanding of your business strategy is required to target a balance of efficiency, resilience, and a sharp alignment with your business goals. We take as much time as possible to make sure we are on the exact same page.

All supply chain phases are therefore to be optimized, including the sourcing of materials, manufacturing, delivery, and logistics, by either placing buffers along your supply chain, or diversifying your manufacturing and sourcing network, or investing in demand forecasting, or standardizing your internal processes – or all for of these.

Our expertise is to help you build supply chain resilience wherever you operate to improve your productivity, to mitigate risks and to create a path for innovation.

Procurement Support & Vendor Management

We believe procurement is a vital business function, especially in complex environments, and vendor management directly plays a key role when it comes to selecting the right supplier for a particular business need.

We assist you in building an effective procurement strategy and a resilient vendor network to ensure supplier relationships deliver the intended value, with efficient processes in place. It is key not to rely too heavily on a particular vendor, and therefore it makes sense to opt for a strategy often based on clear and quantifiable goals to maintain effective relationships, sometimes consisting of a suppliers’ classification for identifying their strategic inputs and invest in strengthening those relationships.

We help you manage effectively your suppliers, either overseas or locally, in order to reduce the risk of supply chain disruption and ensure the goods and services provided are delivered on time and to the expected standards. Beyond this, an effective vendor management process usually helps you tie stronger relationships with your vendors which may, in turn, lead to opportunities to negotiate better rates – and improve your productivity by lowering your direct costs.

Our expertise is to help you get competitively priced supplies that deliver the most value by continously monitoring and reengineering your procurement processes and your vendor networks, and therefore reach a point where efficiency meets resilience.

Technical Assistance & HR Support

We believe our clients shall benefit from a continuous provision of advice, assistance, and training pertaining the entire success of their business operations.

The harsher the working environment is, the better support services shall aim at, and this is why we provide a full range of brokerage services covering a full range of local services required by our cliens operating in complex environments, i.e. installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment, insurance, onsite project management, real life support…

We are also aware of the need to recruit and retain an experienced workforce with technical qualifications for specific logistics projects. Therefore we support HR teams by arranging initial and recurrent training sessions for staff members We assist you in achieving your training goals with the right training plan delivered by the right training provider.

Our expertise is to help you reach an operating level of excellence that is consistent with your business goals, no matter what your working environment is.